Best outdoor Halloween decoration ideas

Hardly the most imaginative title for this seasonal blog but hey it does what it says. I hope so Anyway. You of course will be the judge of that. It’s that time of year again and time for splurging loads of money on lighting up your garden for your kids to have fun.

Yes Halloween decorations, Halloween outdoor lights, novelties, costumes and so much more on in the shops and online. Often times when you get connected you can be just swamped by everything.

So I got to thinking. I had a few ideas and came up with this Halloween decorations and lighting guide for 2014. I have split it up and I’m going to be posting regularly over the next week on various topics. Let’s see if we can get you up to speed with some of the best things for this year’s Halloween celebrations.


So am I going to write about Halloween outdoor lights? Yep.

Am I going to chat about Halloween outdoor lights? Yep, but I thought we could have a bit more fun this year.

So here’s what I came up with:

  • Halloween Decorations To Die For
  • Get Your 3 Best Creepy Cloths All Dangly & Horrible
  • 10 Weird Halloween Decorations To Make You Quiver
  • 8 Cool Must Buy Halloween Accessories and Outdoor Decorations
  • 7 Outdoor Skeleton Decorations To Bone Up On
  • 9 Lame Outdoor Halloween Decoration To Laugh At & Avoid
  • Big Ole Garden Filling Halloween reapers & Decorations
Halloween decoration ideas for 2014

So I thought that would make a good start. If I can add some more in for you as well, all the better.

Remember to bookmark this page, find us on Facebook and like our page for updates, or just grab that RSS feed and let’s have some fun this Halloween.

It’s gonna be scary as hell so hold on tight. I will be adding in the links to the articles as I publish them out. So keep those eyes peeled.

Yes those lovely summer days are here at last. It’s time to break out that dusty patio furniture from the attic or basement, dust it down and chill out. That’s if the moths or bugs ain’t got to it over the fall and winter.

It’s amazing how some patio furniture quickly becomes frayed and fragile. Sometimes you get that musty smell as well which lingers for ages if you know the one I mean. So this year I thought it’s time to revamp my furniture for my deck. I wanted to look for something really relaxing and durable as well as a bit different.

So I came up with a short list of 3 of my favorites I thought I would share with you see what you reckon?

Vivere Double HammockVivere UHSDO9 Double Hammock

Now this is what we’re talking about! I loved this one right out the gate as soon as I saw it on Amazon. I thought it would be extra special to share an evening either under the trees in our backyard or on the deck. Be nice to fall asleep together in this one, not that the kids would probably let us. I can see them sneaking up on us with their water soakers right now.

That said I still love the whole idea of being able to share this. Love the way the stand looks a lot shorter at about 9 foot long instead of 15. Cotton hammock material makes this much nicer in hot weather. It makes the Vivere Double Hammock breathable.

I just need to calculate us on that 450lb weight limit. I am not small (About 250lb and over 6ft)) you see but it’s still a really substantial weight capacity so I think we will be alright as the little lady is little actually. Mind you I just found a customer review of a guy whose 6’2” and 205lbs and he does great so good one there.

I always have a good read through the reviews before I decide anything. Think it’s a good habit to get into. The things that stick out from them here is:

• It’s easy to assemble
• Lightweight frame so good so change position if you want. 30lbs in total
• Six height holes to adjust it to suit (Will have to lower it quite a bit for my wife who is just over 5’ and the kids who are bound to want to play in it. Pirates me thinks?)
• It has a good duffle bag to keep all the frame bits and pieces together when you take it apart which I like.
• It is a good length (Noted in the questions that a 6’2” guy fitted in comfortably. Sounds like my luck’s in with this one

Vivere Double Hammock for patiosSo this is my number one choice of patio furniture or hammock for 214 for me. I like the look I think it’s quite stylish. I like the price of around $129. It’s got a 1 year warranty and of 709 reviews on Amazon over 90% of people gave it 4 or 5 stars (75% gave it 5 stars! Wow)



This is the Official Vivere blurb as well so you can have a look at the full details.

UHSDO9 Double Hammock Combo
Vivere Double Hammock space saving stand diagram

  • Space-Saving Steel Stand
  • Constructed of heavy duty steel and assembles in minutes without any tools
  • Hammocks accommodate up to two adults (450-pound maximum)
  • Includes carrying case
  • Cotton Hammock
  • Made of 100 percent cotton
  • Bed measures 63 x 94 inches; total length of 130 inches
  • Available in Desert Moon, Oasis, and Tropical striped patterns
  • Sunbrella Hammock
  • Soft, breathable Sunbrella fabric resists UV, fading, staining and mildew
  • Bed measures 58 x 95 inches; total length of 144 inches
  • Available in Sand and Paraiso solid colors


Guide Gear portable folding hammockGuide Gear Portable Folding Hammock

Now this portable folding hammock is really the other end of the garden furniture spectrum from the Vivere Double Hammock above. It’s a different idea as well. To me it’s more of short term chill or snooze. The ability to wheel it out at short notice to where its sunniest, or slightly shady for those beautifully relaxing warm summer breezes under the trees, the rhythmic rustling of the trees almost hypnotic.

So this portable folding hammock from guide gear really caught my eye. That and the fact it’s reduced at the moment from $100 to $39.99.

It only weighs in at just over 26lbs which makes it quite compact and portable. I can see in the questions as well that contrary to one of the reviews that someone 6’2” can fit in it as well. So that’s one problem catered for. I think it will be brilliant for the kids when we go camping as well.

I am not expecting something amazing for this price but I think it will be a useful addition to the back yard especially as it looks and sounds so easy to put together even though it doesn’t come with a manual.

• Other things I also ticked off as a plus include:
• Only 40” long when packed away
• The carry bag comes with backpack style straps making it easy to cart around
• The hammock itself is a mesh style design which will mean it stays cool even in hot weather
• Customers report that the stand is nice and sturdy

zero gravity patio furniture loung chairCaravan Canopy Zero Gravity Lounge Chair

My final choice is sort of in-between the Vivere Double Hammock and the Guide Gear Portable Hammock. It’s the Caravan Canopy Zero Gravity Chair.

Okay the Zero G bit appealed a bit to my machismo side. I am only human! But having said that, once I got reading the description and reviews on Amazon, I was quite taken with it.

Here’s what they list as the features:

• High strength and durable powder coated steel frame
• Long lasting outdoor grade fabric (textilene 2X1)
• Folds down to only 5-1/2-inch thick
• Smooth recline function that locks in any position
• Adjustable headrest

It’s a recliner chair with an adjustable pillow on the headrest. That sounds really comfortable. It doesn’t go entirely flat but that’s not my thing really anyway. But the weight limit is listed to 300lbs which suits me just fine as long as I am not planning to have chair races across my decking.

patio furniture loung chair headrest close upI can see that it is a fairly long chair (There is a review saying about a 6’1” husband being very comfortable in it) and a nice width for my, shall we say, ample but not too wide Blue Caravan Canopy Zero G patio lounge chairposterior. In fact I can imagine myself falling asleep on this outside a cold beer on a table beside me, the moon slowly rising. In fact it’s one of the things that stands out from the reviews is just how comfy it is.

The one downside I can see is the locking mechanism isn’t the best in the world but hey it’s one of those things that as long as you are careful it shouldn’t be a problem.

In fact I can see myself with one of these lounge chairs more and more. I might have to save up for a pair of them though and the Vivere as I can’t decide. It’s not too bad though as these patio furniture lounge chairs are only $54.99 at the moment so a good price as well and 64% 5 star rating on Amazon.

So there we are then my 3 suggestions for some cracking patio furniture that will also look and feel great to relax in on your patio, deck or anywhere in your back yard. I did all my searching on Amazon as they have the biggest range to choose from. I have popped the links below for the 3 pieces if you want to look what I was talking about.

Right I am off to convince my partner to humor me and buy me a big Vivere double hammock for my birthday.

Enjoy the summer

Amazon Links Patio Furniture

Vivere Double Hammock
Guide Gear Portable Hammock
Caravan Canopy Zero Gravity Lounge Chair

A really good decking area, with maybe a pool, grill area and stairs can be a really important for the overall look, value and enjoyment of your home and garden.  Put together well it will look simply stunning and provide an enjoyable outdoor space come rain or shine.  But an integral part of the design should be a well thought out deck lighting scheme.  Putting together all those deck lighting ideas is essential to get the maximum use and maximum safety out of the decking area.

Never mind that just show me the real stuff – click your choice below.
LED Step Lights
Solar Light post Caps
LED Post Lights
Umbrella Lights
Recessed LED Solar Deck Lights

Most of the deck lighting ideas you can look at are really down to practicality, budget, skill levels and your personal taste.  Not everyone is an electrician who can easily put together great low voltage deck lighting.  Not everyone can afford the latest designer LED deck lights either.  But having said that, there are some great general themes, for outdoor deck lighting ideas, that we can have a look at first of all.

Why Pick LED Deck Lights For Your Deck Lighting Ideas?

First of all what kind of deck lights should you have.  To my mind, the majority if not all have to be LED deck lighting.  For deck lighting ideas, they are unbeatable.  The range of different designs on offer now is just incredible.  They range from functional and quirky to vintage and contemporary.  LED lights are also much longer lasting, use less energy, whether low voltage or solar and don’t heat up if you have children around.  You certainly won’t be short of LED deck lighting ideas if you choose them.

Getting deck lighting ideasHow to Power Your Deck Lighting Ideas?

Here is a thorny subject amongst home and decking owners.  There is little love lost or ground given in this discussion over low voltage deck lighting ideas and solar deck lighting ideas.  To me it doesn’t have to be this way.  For a start you can easily mix them up and have a combination of great deck lighting.  I think that you have the reliability of low voltage deck lights in areas where security and safety are a premium.  Then buying the cheapest deck solar lighting in less critical areas can be a great compromise to use.  Remember though you will have to find somewhere for that low voltage lighting transformer if going for 12v deck lighting ideas

You can’t have your solar deck lighting running out of charge and guests or family members taking a tumble.  Similarly, deck solar lighting should be in areas where getting or arranging wiring would be a pain or dangerous, and around wet areas, such as pools and ponds.  The in between bit can be whatever is easiest and fits your budget.  Certainly if your deck lighting ideas come after deck installation, then solar LED deck lights will be the only really sensible option.

The combination of the solar and LED of course means that you get the best of both worlds.  saving money on bills and getting the charge in the rechargeable batteries to last longer into the night as well.  Fortunately I have found that by searching around online a bit then the cheaprst deck solar lighting is also usually LED driven lighting as well.

Deck Lighting Ideas by Type

So Lets have a look at some of the main ideas you can use in your decking to create an effect and really show it off properly

 Buy LED Step Lights

LED Step Lights

These are available in a wide variety of styles. The more traditional lights, made mainly for safety, have shrouds and vents to direct the lights onto the steps themselves, to stop people going up the stairs being dazzled.

But more modern designs are softer and have allowed a more striking and beautiful design. Simple round step lights in sets both in the risers and at the sides provide ample light and a lot of style.

Find the best LED Step Lights

Best Stained Glass solar post cap light

Post Cap Deck Lights

These post top deck lights are really best as solar designs. This avoids having to rout your lovely decking posts for wiring. Styles vary from the cheap post caps made by Moonrays to classic vintage design, even as far as coaching lamp classics. Obviously the type of post cap will depend on your budget. You could also have a look at a fantastic stained glass model by Pine Top or the Dekorators pewter post cap with a cedar base

Most solar post cap deck lights come in a standard 4×4 size to fit a standard end or corner post. If you have a white wood decking, then you can get a white solar cap for that as well. Low voltage lighting ideas for post tops are just as fascinating and well crafted if you want to go that way. In fact they can be even more stylish than their solar counterparts. Maxim lighting for instance do a charming burnished aluminium design.

>Kichler LED Post Lights

LED Post Lights

More subtle than their post top cousins, deck lighting ideas incorporating these down lighters really pile on the atmosphere. They can also function well for safety, usually being attached low down on railing posts or stairway balustrades. They are available in materials from plastic to burnished copper and wrought iron and what you want, will very much depend on your budget.

Kichler deck lights have some of the best looking lights such as their half moon low voltage lights and the subtle yet charming 1w bronzed brass deck light.

Best Umbrella Lights

Umbrella Lights

Umbrella lights are great for more intimate or relaxed gatherings or just for general use.  As they are LED lights, they also don’t attract the insect underneath either.

In fact the Rite Lite LPL1040BX Wireless 40 LED Umbrella Light is one of THE biggest selling and best rated garden lighting items on

Best Recessed solar deck lights sets

Recessed LED Deck Lights

These are probably going to be the most prolific in your deck lighting designs, lighting the main decking areas as up lighters. The idea is to produce a soft and diffused light that illuminates without blinding as you walk across them. The cheapest recessed solar deck light kits come in sets of 20 or so, to give you the most leverage for your dollar.

Those really are the main types of lights you can look at for your deck lighting ideas. There are others, such as brick lights and paver lights which you can look at. Seagull and Kichler do a good range of these, but they are more of a fringe player light. Concentrate on getting the big boys right and you will have an amazing decking suitable for the best parties, or the best relaxation, or both.